Intermodal Freight Management & Logistics

WFX Logistics Intermodal Services

Intermodal transport options can often provide large savings when compared to other OTR shipping methods. Long standing relationships with the US, Canada and Mexico's major rail carriers maximize our clients' freight dollar. Transcontintental and regional intermodal freight experts ensure your using rail and drayage options where it effects your business most. At WFX Logistics, we understand the importance of exploring intermodal freight options to reduce costs, waste and man hours. Our experts are familiar with the challenges and obstacles that can come with using more than one mode of transportation. Our clients rest assured their intermodal freight is being executed using the best possible solutions.

WFX Logistics brings a unique, carefully selected network of carriers with proven track records as best in quality and value. Our expert experience and understanding allows us to provide an unprecedented amount of high-level, individualized service to each of our intermodal clients.


When you work with WFX Logistics for your intermodal freight needs, we work constantly to understand and adapt in order meet your business goals. Get customized strategies and solutions that will make a significant impact on your intermodal freight costs with the experts of WFX Logistics.